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Fidelity Target™ 2010 (Euro) Fund
Fidelity Target™ 2015 (Euro) Fund
Fidelity Target™ 2020 (Euro) Fund
Fidelity Target™ 2025 (Euro) Fund
Fidelity Target™ 2030 (Euro) Fund
Fidelity Target™ 2035 (Euro) Fund
Fidelity Target™ 2040 (Euro) Fund

The Fidelity Euro Target Funds are a new type of investment that can help you plan for the future with more confidence. They could be used to help you save to put down a deposit when buying a home or to help you assist your children further their studies.

Money invested in one of the Euro Target Funds may be used to supplement your retirement pension, or you might use the Fidelity Euro Target Funds to save up for a holiday of a lifetime or a much-longed for luxury car.

You say when….
It is entirely up to you. You are free to choose when you wish to withdraw your funds irrespective of the fund’s target date. It may be a year or two later - you may simply keep your money invested until the need arises.

Achieving Your Goals.
When you are saving over the long term for a specific goal, the stock market could be the best place for your money, as it has potential to generate high levels of capital growth. However, in the years just before you need your money, the stock market may no longer be the right option – a sudden dip in share prices could reduce the value of your investment.

With this in mind, you could consider changing your investments over time – starting in shares, and gradually moving into more secure holdings such as bonds and money market instruments. However, it can be difficult to know exactly when you should make changes, and which investments you should choose.

The Fidelity Euro Target Funds give you the solution to this challenge by making the decisions for you. There are seven funds in the range, with target dates 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035 and 2040. All you have to do is choose the fund with the target date that is the best match for your plans and Fidelity will do the rest. The focus of the Fidelity Euro Target Funds will be gradually shifted, spreading your money across an evolving selection of securities, based on stock picking decisions made by Fidelity fund managers.

In the early years, Fidelity Euro Target Funds will concentrate on the growth potential of the stock market, and as your target date approaches, they will aim for greater security by gradually moving into fixed income and money market instruments.

With Fidelity Euro Target Funds you can:

  • Start at an early stage and with investing an appropriate first lump-sum
  • Increase your invested amount at any time as you like
  • Make withdrawals if you need to – without penalty
  • Find out the current value of your investment at any time

When your chosen fund reaches its target date you can either: take your money; or move it to another fund; or leave it in your Fidelity Euro Target Fund as a lower-risk investment.

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