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Schedule of Charges - Intermediary Clients

Fidelity Funds - Standard Rates:


Allocation Funds

Bond Funds

Balanced Funds

Cash Funds

Initial Charge

(up to) 5.25 %

(up to) 5.25 %

(up to) 5.25 %

0.00 %

Redemption Fee

0.00 %

0.00 %

0.00 %

0.00 %

Switching Fee

(up to) 1.00 %

(up to) 1.00 %

(up to) 1.00 %

0.00 %

The initial charge and the switching fee are based on the net investment amount.

There are no exit fees due on redemption.

There is no switching fee when switching into cash funds.

When switching between any Fidelity equity fund, bond fund, balanced fund or asset allocation fund, via a cash fund, a maximum switching fee of 1% is charged on re-entry.

Switching from sub-funds in Fidelity Fund to sub-funds in Fidelity MultiManager SICAV, or vice versa, constitutes a normal redemption followed by a purchase. In such cases, a maximum switching fee of 1% is charged.

Where investors have already paid the full initial charge on their shares to be switched, the charge will not exceed 1%.

The minimum holding in any one fund is EUR 1,000 (MTL 429.30)* or foreign currency equivalent.

There is no minimum withdrawal amount for investors in Malta.

Other administration charges levied by Growth Investments Limited are as follows: Stock transfer fee: EUR 20 (MTL 8.59)* per fund; Pledging of holdings: EUR 10 (MTL 4.29)* per pledge per fund.The stock transfer fee and pledge fee are subject to a maximum charge of EUR 120 (Lm 51.52)*

All other charges are described in more detail in the latest copy of the Prospectus.

Amounts shown in Maltese Liri are for information purposes only, and are converted at the irrevocable rate of EUR 1 = Lm 0.4293

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