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Investment Policy
The information contained on this page is taken directly from the Fidelity Investments web site."

"We must ensure that our client's trust in our investment capabilities is not misplaced and that we maintain the highest performance standards."

Edward C. Johnson 3d, Chairman,


Fidelity's portfolio managers have a legal responsibility to make investment decisions on behalf of all of Fidelitys customers/investors in our mutual funds around the world, by investing in companies that appear to have the potential for long-term capital appreciation. Our investment decisions are based primarily on business and financial considerations. They also take into account political, environmental and social issues if they are likely to have a material impact on a company's present or future financial position or conflict with our ability to manage and develop our investments.

This approach enables us to take into consideration all the appropriate risks and to make a balanced judgement on the investment opportunity and act in the best interest of our customers. Fidelity recognises that there are many political, environmental or social issues on which some individuals feel strongly, but Fidelity is obliged to act in the interests of our customers overall - many of whom may not share the same view, or indeed may hold opposing views.

We do recognise that some issues of this nature will make a difference to our decision-making process. However, we also expect that appropriate legal, governmental and other duly-constituted democratic authorities around the world take responsibility for addressing political, environmental and social matters fairly and wisely on behalf of their citizens.

Accordingly, Fidelity strictly adheres to the laws of the country of which we do business and follows all rules and regulations applied by official agencies in those countries. We also expect that all the companies in which we invest will do the same - and we pay close regard to their record in this respect.

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